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Throne and Liberty Map - Interactive Map with Search and Filters

Welcome to the interactive Throne and Liberty Map. Throne and Liberty is a new MMO created by NCSoft. The world is called Solisium which you play on. Solisium is also the main map of Throne and Liberty. There are also dungeons that you can access that have their own maps.

Throne and Liberty Map - Solisium
Throne and Liberty Map - Solisium

Throne and Liberty Map Features

The Throne and Liberty Map has several features that you can take advantage of. You can use the filter to turn off all of the locations and then select what you want to appear on the map. This will make it easier to view specific markers on the map. 

Additionally, you can also use the search bar to find something specific that you are looking for on the map. In the settings you can turn off POI names and increase or decrease the size of the text. The same works for the POI size, you can enlarge or reduce the size of the icons on the map to make it easier to view.

Lastly, you can also add your own markers to the Throne and Liberty Map. If you are logged in with your Gamemaps.gg account, your markers will be saved.

Sharing POI on the Throne and Liberty Map

When you click on a marker on the Throne and Liberty map you will notice that a window pops up where you can click on the "copy share link" button to share that exact marker with a friend of yours. That way your friend won't have to search the whole Throne and Liberty Map first. 

Throne and Liberty Map Features
Throne and Liberty Map Features

Story of Throne and Liberty

In the vast world of Solisium, you and others seek out fragments of the Star of Sylaveth to harness absolute power in order to defeat Kazar, the Wraith of Conquest. You and those in your trusted guild strategically determine how to achieve victory against both Kazar's armies and rival guilds.


Kastleton is a vibrant city with merchants ready to sell or trade, residents happy to offer information, and resistance soldiers protecting the peace. Kastleton is located on the west side of the Solisium Map in Throne and Liberty.

Carmine Forest

Carmine Forest belongs to the caretaker of spiders, Morokai the Turncoat. Explore carefully, as he has leached all vitality from the forest, he now lurks there with spiders and lust for eternal life.

Titanreach Ruins

The Titanreach Ruins are all that remains of a temple where colossal ancient beings were created, but look closer and you may find everything is not what it seems.

Monolith Wastelands

Cursed rains contaminated the water, creating the Monolith Wastelands which resulted in a desert populated with Sand Cobras and carnivorous plants.

Stonegard Castle

Stonegard Castle rests on a flat hillside, hewn down by thousands of stonemasons in Northwestern Central Stonegard. The hillside contains a complex maze of caves filled with basilisk nests and mandrakes. The masons who explored these caves never returned.

Sanctum of Desire Dungeon

Enter the Sanctum of Desire dungeon where you must defeat the four altars representing Flame, Tsunami, Typhoon, and Earthquake in order to discover who you must truly battle.

Lizard Tribe

Home to the Lizard Tribe, the island grows many poisonous flowers that the lizards consume, giving them resistance to poison. The North region features the Lake of Regeneration, while the South is home to the Crater of Death and a tribe of ferocious lizards.

Shifting Weather on the Throne and Liberty Map

Weather changes with the passage of time to reveal content that can only be played during a specific time period. Some weapon skills will also have different effects depending on the weather. Don’t forget to pay attention to the winds, as they can also aid or cost you during combat in battle.

Day and Night Cycles in Throne and Liberty

The transition from day to night brings with it new challenges and enemies. Constant change on the map and the world of Solisium.

We hope you will enjoy your time on the^interactive Throne and Liberty Map. If you have any questions or feedback please join our Discord.